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Comprehensive education and certification management system Management system SaaS for any type of education programs (course, training, certification, internal programs), tailored to suit any education program with focus on personal competence development through certification, exam, etc. View Package
Innovative Marketing system Unique low cost network based marketing system to create leads and public exposure on your programs.
Incubation Services Are you keen to upgrade your education program to strengthen your branding and expand by building your network? Talk to us. View More
Public visibility and trust Empower participants to create public visibility on their personal qualifications.
Management Services and Advisory Help you manage your education organization online, staff outsource services, live exam proctoring services, accreditation advisory based on ISO 17024. Start Now
Do you manage a Professional Certification Agency based on BNSP or international scheme? Manage your certification program Paperless, End-to-end risk-free and without the need to buy software.
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Suitable for any type of organization
Do you manage a Professional Certification Agency based on BNSP or International Scheme? Manage your certification program Paperless, End-to-End without risk and without the need to buy software.
Our Certification Program
How do you use Ourtoga to empower your programs?
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Exhaustive management system for personnel certification body which is compliant to ISO 17024 for international and national schemes.
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Upscale training, course, or education program to focus on participant competence development, expandable through licensing and franchising to multiple third parties while retaining control.
Gambar orang Teknik sedang bekerja (membaut pipa minyak etc)
Turn internal training program to become employee certification program to better gauge employee competence and adhere to job standard.
Gambar pembicara lagi biaca ke orang banyak (suasana ruang seminar penuh sesak)
Do you provide consulting services or market certain products through public event or gathering? Offer qualification to your audience to create trust and engagement of your idea.
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Do you realize that the best way to grow is by licensing and franchising your programs to unlimited number of third party providers? The fastest growing organization is the one who empowers and creates opportunity to others while utilizing their resources and market.
Create targeted public exposure through our robust marketing system. Already have a lot of people participating your programs? Get exposure to your participant's audience with minimum effort and cost through our targeted marketing endorsement system.

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Incubation Services
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Do you have proven education program or curriculum? Or are you a community leader of any field and wish to build the competence of your member? Or are you an expert in any specific field or sector? We can help you build and scale up your own competence based education program to cater your audience.
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Ourtoga is the only education management system platform with network development and marketing in mind. We aim to create value for your participants through public exposure and competence validation.
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